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KAU Local, Thara, Indu. 

Season (planting time)

Ash gourd can be successfully grown during Januvary-March, September-December. For rainfed crop, sowing can aso be started after the receipt of first few showers during May-June.

Planting materials

Seed rate 2 - 3 g/cent

Methods of planting

Pits of 60 cm diameter and 30-45 cm depth  are taked .Well rotten FYM and fertilizers are mixed with top soil in the pit and seeds are sown @4-5 per pit.Unhealthy plants are retained per pit.


During the initial stages of growth irrigate at 3-4 days interval and alternate days during flowering/fruting.


Apply FYM @ 100 kg/cent as basal dose along with 304 g of urea,556g of massuriephose,167g of potash.The remaining dose of urea(304g/cent)  can be applied in several split doses at fortnightly intervals.


We can harvest it 3 months after planting. 

Value added product

other operations

Conduct weeding and raking of the soil at the time of fertilizer application.Earthingup is done during rainy season.