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                        Nidhi :variety released from RARS Pattambi,
Sree Dhara : first variety in Chinese potato with good cooking quality and 5 month duration
Suphala : a tissue culture mutant derived by KAU from local cultivar suited for year round cultivation with a duration of 120-140 days. 

planting time

Plant the cuttings in the main field between July and october.

planting materials

vine cuttings are usually taken as planting material 


plant the vine cuttings collected from the nursery on ridges at a spacing of 30 cm or raised beds at 30 cm x 15 cm spacing.


Broadcast 10 tonnes of FYM and urea : phosphorous : potash @ 30:60: 50 kg per ha and incorporate into the soil at the time of land dress with N and potash at the rate of 30 and 50 kg per hectre respectively at 45 days after planting.


harvest the crop 5 months after planting 

addition information

Coleus (Solenostemon rotundifolius) also known as Chinese potato, frafra potato and Hausa potato is among the lesser-known and underexploited tuber crop from the Western Africa. Although it has been cultivated and maintained by traditional farmers, there are no records indicating when it was first brought under cultivation; and also, it has not received sufficient attention from the scientific community in the past. The crop belongs to the family Lamiaceae. It is a small herbaceous annual crop with prostrate or ascending succulent stem and branches. The crop usually grows up to 20–30 cm in height. The tips of the adventitious roots modify into small round tubers. Unlike other tuber crops, this is a transplanted vegetable. The tubers contain 20-24 % starch.