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Sree Rashmi, Sree Pallavi, Sreekiran are three improved varieties.

Planting Material

Use side tubers each of 25-35 g for planting. About 37000 side tubers weighing about 1200 kg are requirerd to plant one hectare.


Plough or dig the land to a fine tilth. Make ridges 60 cm apart. Plant the side corms at a spacing of 45 cm on the ridges.

Fertilizer Application

The nutrient recommendation for Colocasia is 80 : 25 : 100 kg NPK/ha. The quantity of straight fertilizers to get the above dose is worked out for a cent.

The fertilizers dose is need needed is 694 urea, 555 gram rock phosphate and 668 gram muriate of potash respectively for a cent. The fertilizers have to be applied in split doses.

The first split has to be applied in 1 week after sprouting. The urea, rock phosphate, muriate of Potash needed at this time is 347 gram, 555 gram, 334 respectively for a cent.

The second dose has to be applied in one month after first application and the dosage is 347 gram urea, 334 muriate of Potash respectively for a cent.

Lime or dolomite @ 1-3 kg per cent has to be applied in acid soils two weeks ahead of fertilizer application. Organic manure @ 48kg/cent recommended at planting time.

Other Intercultural Operation

Weeding, light hoeing and earthing up are required at 30-45 days and 60-75 days after planting. The leafy parts may be smotherd about one month before harvest so as to enhance tuber devolpment.


Colocasia becomes ready for harvest 5-6 months after planting. The mother corms and side tubers are seperated after harvest.