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Maize can be grown throughtout theyear at altitude ranging from sea level to about 300 m.Maize grows best in areas with rainfall of 600-900mm.It requires fertile,well drained soil with a pH RANGING FROM 5.5-8


Hybrids:Ganga Hybrid-1,Ganga Hybrid 101,Deccan hybrid,Renjit,Hi-starch 

Composite varieties :Kissan Composite,Amber,Vijay,Vikram,Sona,Jawahar

Planting Time (Season)

As a rainfed crop maize is grown in june-july or august-september.The irrigated crop is raised in January-February 

Planting materials

Seed rate 20 Kg/Ha

Planting method

Rainy season crop :Plough the land three times and prepare ridges and furrows.Dibble one seed per hole at a spacing of 60cm *30cm

Irrigated crop:Beds are prepared .Here seeds are sown in lines and earthed up later in to small ridges to form furrows when the crop reaches knee height 


Irrigate the crop on the day of sowing and on third day.Subsequent irrigations may be given at 10-15 days intervals 

Fertilizer application

Apply FYM/compost @25t /Ha at the time of preparation of land.The recommended fertilizer dose is 135 kg nitrogen,65 kg phosphorus and 15 kg potash per ha.Apply full dose of phosphorous and potash and 1/3 dose of nitrogen as basal.Apply 1/3 nitrogen 30-40 days and the rest 60-70 days after sowing .

Other Activities

weeding on the 21 st and 45 th day after sowing 


Rainfed crop :120 days after sowing

Irrigated crop :90-110 days after sowing