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It is grown in well -drained soil and cannot tolerate is used for extraction of oil and as an antibiotic and astringent .whole plant of thulasi os used for medicinal purpose 

Planting materials

The propagation is by seeds 

Field preparation

The field is ploughed to a fine tilth and ridges are talken at a distance 40 cm.apply FYM or compost @10t/ha 

planting method

Since the seeds are very small,mix with sand @ 4 times the quantity of seeds for sowing and the seed rate is 500g/ha.The seeds germinate by 8-12 days and ready for transplanting by 6 weeks after planting.2 month lold seedlings are transplanted at aspacing of 30 cm.


Irrigate the crop in alternate dyas up to 2 weeks after planting.After 2 weeks irrigate the crop @2 irrigation/week 

After cultivation


   Remove the weeds 2 or 3 times.


  Earth up the field at 2 months after planting. 


Harvesting can be done 90-95 days after planting.The above ground portion is cut at aheight of 15-20 cm from the ground level.Harvest the crop in a sunny day to increase the oil content of the plant.Keep the harvested produce in the field for 4-5 hrs to reduce the water content and weight of the  produce