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  • Vein clearing, scattered chlorotic flecks, followed by chlorotic mottling along veins leading to interveinal chlorosis and characteristic curling, twisting and deformation of leaves
  • In a few cultivars vein banding, vein thickening and green island - symptoms are also seen
  • Intense interveinal chlorosis or yellow flecking of leaves results in poor spike and berry formation
  • Internodes of vines become abnormally short leading to stunting of plants
  • Infected vines have reduced vigour and yield
  • They continue to decline and remain unproductive for a long period without dying


  • Raise cuttings from disease free vines and also avoid normal vines from infected gardens
  • Uproot the infested vines along with the roots and destroy
  • Spray Dimethoate 30 EC (2 ml/ litre of water) against vectors