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a. Die back:

  • The aerial branches get infected at any point. At the site of infection of branch, the discoloration occurs and rotting progress upwards and downwards resulting in die-back symptoms.
  • The lateral branches of the affected vines break off at the nodes and fall off.

b. Foot rot or Collar rot:

  • The stem near the ground level get infected and the rotting and death of vine occurs within 2-3 weeks.
  • The affected portion emits bad odour. The necrosis progress down wards to the underground stem and to the root system.

c. Root rot:

  • The infection starts at main root or at feeder root. The leaves become yellow and defoliate.


  • Selection of healthy nursery material.
  • Provide good drainage.
  • Soil drenching with 1% Bordeaux mixture after removal of the affected plant.
  • Spraying with  Copper oxi chloride @ 4 gram per litre of water.
  • Soil application of neem cake and Trichoderma viride or P. fluorescens