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  • The infection starts at the collar region of the pseudostem and progresses upwards as well as downwards.
  • The collar region of the affected pseudostem becomes water soaked and the rotting spreads to the rhizome resulting in soft rot.
  • At a later stage root infection is also noticed.
  • Foliar symptoms appear as light yellowing of the tips of lower leaves which gradually spreads to the leaf blades.
  • In early stages of the disease, the middle portion of the leaves remain green while the margins become yellow.
  • Later, the yellowing spreads to all leaves of the plant from the lower region upwards and is followed by drooping, withering and drying of pseudostems.


  • Select healthy seed rhizomes from disease free areas. 
  • Ensure proper drainage of the field.
  • When the disease incidence is noted in the field, dig out the affected plants and drench the beds with Bordeaux mixture (1%).
  • For more management information please contact the toll free number 18004251661.